Essentiq – Organic Cosmetics Manufacturer

Are you looking for quality brand of natural cosmetics? Try manufacturer of organic cosmetics – Essentiq! This natural cosmetics contain at least 98–99% of completely organic ingredients that protect your skin and make it more soft and shiny. It is sulphate, silicones and mineral oil free and does not contain any synthetic colours or parabens.

Great care for your skin and environment

Essentiq is one of the best small brands of organic cosmetics and all their products are made with great care for your skin and for the environment. The organic cosmetics – Essentiq is eco friendly because it does not include any ingredient that can be harmful for your skin or for the environment. So that amazing cosmetics is really produced in harmony with nature.

Natural skin and hair care

Your skin, body and hair deserve the best care. It is very important what kind of cosmetics you use. There are many different options, but natural ingredients are absolutely the best choice for your skin and hair care. If you need a cream for dry skin, a cleansing gel, a moisturizing toner, a great antiage cream, serum, a shampoo, shower gel or any other product, choose organic cosmetics – Essentiq!

Everyday skin care with natural ingredients

Do you have a beauty regime that include cleaning your skin? Cleaning is surely the most important part of everyday skin care. Natural cleansing gel with aloe vera, amaranth proteins and essential oils can effectively clean your skin without any irritation. If you have very dry skin, you have to use special products that provide moisture. And not only that: it is really important to use cosmetics without sulphates. You have to choose a shower gel and other product really carefully.

Organic Shampoo for normal or greasy hair

What kind of shampoo should you use for your hair? It should be as gentle as possible and should not include any sulphates. A completely natural shampoo with aloe vera and wheat protein protect your hair and make it shiny. Organic Cosmetics Essentiq offers you also a shampoo for greasy hair with 99 % ingredients from natural origin. One of the key ingredients in it is lemon peel oil that regulates the skin Ph and effectively prevents excessive greasiness.